Sunday, March 26, 2006

Medical problem with my Labrador Retriever - part three

This is part three of an email received from Deanna in regards to a medical problem she is having with her black Labrador Retriever mix. If anyone has any ideas on this please comment or email me and I will forward them to Deanna. Thanks.

Hi Fay,

Thanks for all your hard work on this. I have been reading the information you sent. It sounds a lot like IVD, but not like arthritis. But I didn’t read anything in the IVD articles about the intermittent nature of Dakota’s problems. I will mention it to the vet, though. She does have the crawling skin mentioned in one of the articles. The article said that they can be poked with a needle near the injured vertebrae, and their skin would crawl. Naturally, we don’t poke Dakota with needles, but her skin does crawl when you just barely touch her back when she is feeling bad. She has been feeling bad nearly every day now. I don’t know if it’s the medicine change or if her condition is worsening, but I guess I need to insist that she be changed back. If the vet refuses to change, I suppose I will have to change vets yet again. I really prefer my dogs to have continuous care, but it needs to be the right care.


Here are the answers to your questions:

Why did you change your first veterinarian?

We heard rumors of abuse by one of the vets (the owner) in our vet’s office. We had it confirmed by several different sources and decided that even though we liked the two female vets our dogs had been seeing there, we could not risk our dogs in case they had to stay overnight or during the day for some reason.

I asked what testing was done besides the X-ray for Dakota and you stated none, really. Were there any blood work test done, any other specific test done on her or just x-rays?

No blood work was done to diagnose her back. Just an examination and x-rays.

As far as switching back to the muscle relaxer if you feel it works better than your new medicine I would switch back. This original muscle relaxer was prescribed by your first veterinarian?

Yes, and the new vet said she does not use it, because it doesn’t work. She gave us Tramydol as a replacement, but when we ordered it, we found out that Tramydol is a pain med and not a muscle relaxer.

Thanks again for your time,


Hi Deanna,

Have you received any other news on Dakota? I'm a little stumped with this because the more I talk to others, and the more searching I do I just keep getting a mix of problems. I still searching though and will keep you updated if I find other help.

Its a little scary about the alleged abuse at your old vet. I would have switched myself though.

Your right with Tramadol being a pain killer. It is used to relieve moderate to moderately severe pain, but not a muscle relaxer. Curious to why you weren't given another muscle relaxer if it was working.

Please keep me updated as you find out more as I will with you.

My heart and prayers are with Dakota that her condition improves.


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