Monday, March 27, 2006

Lost Labrador Retriever returns

Here is a wonderful email we recieved from mymy in Las Vegas

This is an amazing story:

Last January 10, 2005, our 7 month old chocolate lab "Hannah" jumped over our back fence. In less than 10 minutes, with my husband, children and neighbors (8 in all), looking for her, she totally vanished. We were devastated. Even though we had just received her a few days before, our vet had not even had a chance to see her. But, she did have a chip we registered to us and our vet, just in case.


Every day for weeks I went to the animal shelters nearby, posted signs everywhere, and faxed information to every vet within a 35 mile radius (we live in Las Vegas so there are a lot!) with her chip number and description hoping some one might take her there and hoping they would scan her. Nothing. Both the police and the local animal control said she was probably stolen. Interestingly enough - 3 more dogs and two cats were also missing within the two weeks after she disappeared. They had the same theory about them as well.

Months went by and we just gave up, hoping she was alive and would be well taken care of. Then, on March 23, 2006, our vets office called. They asked if we had given her to anyone out of state. She was 200 miles away, in St. George, Utah at an animal control office. Because of her chip, they traced her to us! Over a year later.

We have her back now, and she is in wonderful condition. She is slowly coming around-but we are sure she remembers us. Needless to say, the kids and my husband and I are thrilled and feel we are truly blessed with her safe return. If only she could talk!

If you have not "chipped" any of your animals - I would strongly suggest you do. As you can see, it really pays.

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