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Dog Treats - Labrador Retrievers - Greenies® - and our thoughts

Much is still being made on the dog treat Greenies®, after two pet owners sued the company claiming their product killed their dogs (see our post - Warning For Your Labradors). I have read many different stories about the product, its company - S&M NuTec, and the pros and cons of Greenies®.

First off, let me say I was very surprised at the numbers of deaths that were reported. Some veterinarians say that they don't break the treats down, and that they become lodged in the dogs intestines and esophagus.

" A CNN investigation uncovered 40 cases since 2003 where a veterinarian had to extract a Greenie® from a dog after the treat became lodged either in the animal's esophagus or intestine. In 13 of those cases, the pet died". Top-Selling Dog Treat Could Be Deadly

I would have to guess that there are many more cases that have gone uncovered.

Now, what about the fact that Greenies® is the one of the most popular dog treats in America, and I believe the number to be somewhere around 600 million treats sold since this product hit the market.


You can read many articles online from veterinarians that state they have never had a problem with Greenies® and others who state they have treated dogs with problems arising from this product. I even read an article where a vet said he did an operation on a dog with a Greenie® stuck in its esophagus and still continues to give his dog Greenies®.

So, what do we think here at All About Labradors?

I have fed both of our Labrador Retrievers the Greenies® treats and never had problems with them. Thank God.

I have also fed our Labradors rawhide and pig's ears, as well as other chewable dog treats. We did have a problem with rawhide treats with one of our Labradors and she doesn't get them anymore.

Dogs can choke on an number of chewable dog treat products. I also believe some dogs are prone to have digestion problems with any number of chewable dog treats.

Bottom Line: TO EACH HIS OWN.

Any chewable dog treat or dog toy that can be consumed can represents a hazard to your pet. I think that regardless of whether it's a Greenie® or any other dog treat, you as a pet owner should monitor what you give your dogs and watch them carefully, as they consume these treats.

If your dog bites off any given treats in large pieces and then swallows them, I would discontinue the use of that treat.

If you want to completely eliminate the risk in any chewable treat, don't give your dog anything.

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MAV January 26, 2011 9:10 PM  

Nutro Pet Products bought the Greenies product, reformulated it in 2006 to make it softer and water soluble. So, it does not present the problems the original formula did.

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