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Heroic Tales of Labradors

There is a good reason why most dog owners have a strong belief one of the most defining features of a dog is their incredible desire to help us, combined with their unwavering loyalty. We understand dogs have the intellect to understand when their help is needed, the amazing courage to place themselves before us and a danger to protect us and so they can save our family. This may or may not be a part of the primal times when our ancestors lay huddled around the fires, reassured by the canine company by their side as the darkness of the night surrounded them. A darkness filled with things that go bump in the night, monsters, myths and horrors for which sometimes even words couldn't quite describe. It should come as no surprise however that Labradors are one of the paragons of their kind when it comes to loyalty, optimism and unwavering loyalty. We will illustrate that with a few tales of times when labs have stepped up to save the day from mortal danger:

In 2008 Brenda Owen of Ashley Court in the UK was walking on the shore of the river bank during her Thursday lunch as she saw a wheelchair by the water as she and a man approached the spot-+. After a few moments of looking around she saw a woman struggling in the water. Without a second thought she told her black Labrador Penny to “fetch” and she did, dragging the unconscious woman out of the river where she was later saved. Penny was 10 years old at the time, gray creeping into the color of her whiskers. She did what a grown man and a woman couldn't do at a fairly advanced age in dog years.

In 2003, 3-year old Angelique was swinging on a sycamore tree near Pasco, Washington with her younger brother Luca, just beyond the horse pasture on a Saturday afternoon. The kids were having fun, it was an idyllic, lazy afternoon like any other when suddenly there was sounds of struggle behind them. When they turned around they saw the family's golden retriever Brutis holding a snake in his mouth. He had stopped the snake from reaching the kids by attacking it and getting bit in the process. It was a coral snake, one of the most poisonous ones in the world and Brutis was rushed off for treatment, narrowly saving his life thanks to the efforts of his owner Fran Oreto.

On the morning of October 30th 57-year old Paul Horton came out of his home for a bike ride like he had done many times before. Little did he know the jump from a trail to a paved road he had done hundreds of times before would this time prove almost fatal. He landed wrong and went over the handlebars, landing on his head, suffering a change that would last for a lifetime. Paralyzed from the chest down, he lay on the cold ground for nearly 45 minutes with no one in sight but his 4-year old golden retriever named Yogi. Yogi intercepted the walk of a local family, one Bruce Tate and his wife and through furious barking and gestures only a dog can manage attracted their attention to his injured owner. In a situation like that emergency help is required right away as complications may occur from the injuries and Yogi managed to do just that.

There are likely thousands upon thousands of heroic dogs in the world that didn't get that much press time for their selfless actions, however they are always there, by our side with their trusting attitude and amazing loyalty. Next time you look at your Labrador, remember the tales of these dogs and remember they will always be there for you, so they deserve the same in turn.

The article has been provided by Angela Harpert - a devoted mom and wife who gladly shares her Colliers Wood house moving experience and other family tricks for happiness, among which how to deal the boys and the labradors.

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