Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Free Vectra 3D Flea and Tick Prevention

"Anywhere in the country, it's always possible for fleas, ticks and other dangerous vectors to infect your dog. It only takes one bite to potentially spread disease. That’s why you need the fast-acting, long-lasting, broad-spectrum protection of Vectra 3D®."

Free Vectra 3D Flea and Tick Prevention

Protecting your dog from the dangers of fleas and ticks has gotten easier. Presenting the First Dose Free program for all Vectra® products. Find your personal Vectra® Vet clinic and download your coupon for a Free Dose of Vectra®. There is no purchase required. Just take your downloaded coupon to your Vectra® Vet to redeem your first tube, free!

Dog Flea, Lice & Tick Control

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Debbi Scott March 21, 2013 4:44 PM  

This flea and tick prevention is useful for all types of dogs.

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