Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Skin Problems In Dogs: Causes and Treatments

Dog Rescue Newcastle has written a 7 page document listing possible causes of skin problems and their solutions for those of you who have dogs that are scratching, itching or biting themselves.

Your dog’s skin is an indication of her overall health and when a skin problem occurs, your dog may respond with excessive itching, scratching, licking and/or chewing. Scratching, rubbing, chewing, biting, and licking of the skin and fur will make your dog's life a misery.

Persistently itchy skin in dogs can be caused by one or more of a number of factors:

1. Stress
2. Dirty or dry skin or matted fur
3. Contact with things in the environment
4. Airborne allergens
5. Fleas
6. Allergy to a particular food
a. Dog's Allergy Elimination Die

Inside the Skin Problems In Dogs: Causes and Treatments (PDF format) they will examine each of these possible causes and suggest treatments.

Hopefully, after reading the information provided in the Skin Problems In Dogs: Causes and Treatments document and follow their recommendations, you will then have a much healthier, happier, and relaxed Labrador Retriever.

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