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Famous Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are the go to dog for many; both the United States and England have them as the most popular dog among those who register their pets.

However, this is not a surprising fact since this breed is known for its energy, intelligence, loyalty and excellent temper.

They are fit to all ages and all lines of work, including: disabled-assistance and therapy, tracking and detection, hunting. It’s no wonder that over 60% of all the dogs used to guide the blind are in fact Labrador Retrievers.

A hero of dogs

You can probably spot a Labrador pretty easily in photos of the rescue efforts during 9/11. In fact, several dogs were responsible for saving, completely focused and selflessly, the lives of many during that painful day.

Such is the case of Dorado, a yellow Labrador that served as the guide dog of Omar Riviera. Dorado guided Riviera down 70 stories of Tower 1 before it collapsed. In the middle of screams, noise and desperate running, the dog safely guided his owner who at some point tried, unsuccessfully, releasing him so he could run for his life. Dorado stayed by his master and saved his life.

Jake, a black Labrador, was a wonderful rescue dog that started in this world in a rough way, abandoned with a broken leg and a dislocated hip. He grew up to be one of the 200 government certified rescue dogs of the United States.

During the attacks of 9/11, Jake braved to walk at the World Trade Center among burning debris searching for survivors.

Sirius, a yellow Labrador, was not a survivor of the attacks, since he heroically died waiting loyally for his handler to come back in one of the Twin Towers.

Sadie and Zanjeer worked hard in war zones. Sadie saved dozens of lives of soldiers by detecting a bomb in Afghanistan. Zanjeer, during his service in the nineties, detected 57 country made bombs, 175 gas bombs, over 200 grenades and over 3,000 kg of RDX, among other great work.

Sabi was a Labrador that was used by the Australian Government as a detection dog. He had been MIA (missing in action) in Afghanistan when he was found safe and sound over a year later in 2009.

Labradors on TV

Ok, so these ones are not actually -real- but they are based on our favorite breed: Labradors! The famous smart-mouth talking Brian Griffin from Family Guy is a white Lab Retriever. His cousin Jasper, is a white Lab too.

We’ve all enjoyed JD and Turk from Scrubs move their stuffed dog around and treat him like a live pet. Well, Roudy is a Lab!

There has be really few people who did not go through a whole box of tissues crying over Marley, from Marley and Me!

Funny facts from famous Labradors

There was a reward for taking the lives of Lucky and Flo, twin black Labradors that helped find over 2 million copies of counterfeit dvds in Malasya.

Beebo Charbonneau, a Labrador Retriever was worldly known for taking –illicitly- over 1200 garments, shows and socks in this lifetime. I told you they were hard workers!

Famous Labrador Retrievers is a Guest Post from Eugenia Sincovich.

About the author:

Eugenia Sincovich is an Argentinean writer that can’t seem to stay in one place! She loves everything that reminds her that she’s alive and does her best to convey those feelings into her texts. She currently writes for iNetGiant.


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