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4 Tips for a Stress-Free Move with your Labrador

Loyalty is a trait that nearly every dog possesses, and Labradors are no different. Although dogs are territorial animals, they tend to become more attached to the people they're with rather than the homes in which they live. An unfamiliar environment may initially seem strange to your pup, but with you by their side, they'll adjust fairly quickly. While Labs are particularly adaptable animals, acting upon the following steps can make the transition even smoother for your furry best friend.

1. Get One Last Check-Up Before You Go

Your pup may not show any signs of compromised health, but it's important to take him or her to the veterinarian sometime before the moving company arrives. This is just a general precautionary measure to make sure your dog has all of his or her vaccinations and tests completed. Sometimes a move requires a health certificate that may also have to be acquired during this visit. Ask your vet for some professional advice about moving with your dog and perhaps a recommendation for a good vet in your new location.

2. Take a Deep Breath

Labs are a very intuitive breed that can sense when their owners are stressed about something. If you've owned your Lab for a long time, you likely already know that he or she has a way of detecting how you're feeling and feeding off of this. So, if you're stressed about the move, your Lab will begin to worry too. One way you can relax a little during this stressful time is by taking leisurely walks with your pet a couple of times per day.

3. Dog-Proof Your New Place

To help your furry friend become successfully adjusted to your new home, you can start by making it a safe and comfortable environment. First things first, properly store all items that are poisonous to your dog. Common household cleaning products should be placed on high shelves with baby locks on the doors of the cabinets. Keep all plants out of reach and make sure your pup never enters the garage without you present, since this area is likely filled with several hazardous products.

4. Explore Your New Surroundings

Explore the territory with your pup to help him or her become familiar with your new home. Get involved in social activities with other dogs and gradually introduce him or her to new people. Try to get into a routine with your Lab and continue to take him or her to regular places, such as a nearby dog park and the grocery store, so that he or she can gain a sense of stability in the new surroundings.

Both you and your Lab will have quite a bit of adjusting to do in a new place, but taking the above precautionary measures can help make this transition a more successful one for the both of you. Above all, remember to take advantage of the companionship that your dog offers and provide support for your pup to make the drama of the move easier on you both.

Moving with your Labrador Retriever is a Guest Post by Maire:

About the Author: Maire loves to practice yoga and walk her dog, Pete.

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