Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ways to Make your Dog Quiet and Happy

Ever wondered what your neighbor thinks about you and your dog especially when the pet you own barks a lot?  Well, to be honest, your neighbors are totally NOT pleased about it, even if you have the cutest dog in the world.  For them, the barking especially during the night is just a nuisance.  So, stop your pet from keeping your friendly and not so friendly neighbors awake, particularly at night!

Here a few ways to keep your dog quiet and happy.

1.  Know what motivates your dog. 

Dogs are classified into different groups.  There are gun dogs that enjoy retrieving, herding for working pooches, hunting for hounds and playing and attention seeking for toy dogs.  Thus, it is advisable that in order to keep your dog happy, you must also keep them busy with what they would enjoy with.  There are a lot of activities that you can sign up your dogs with, but know whether it will work for them or not. 

2.  Your presence is of importance.

You need to be with your pup and not just be a weekend owner.  You can guarantee that your dogs will be there for you when you would want them, thus it is just appropriate that you do the same for your pooch.  A daily activity with your dog in a leash free area is very ideal for both the dog and you as the owner.  If you have a backyard that would be an ideal place for you to train your dog so that you can let your pup come inside the house through your backdoor.  If your dog has been trained properly, it is just like having another member of the family in the house.

3.  Sign up your dog with Obedience Training

Don’t just enroll your pup with a puppy school.  Try to widen your pup’s skills by enrolling your dog with obedience school.  You may need to assign some of your time with this activity as this will be a session done three times a month in a club and with extended training in your home for a few minutes, a few days of the week.

4.  Create a place that is safe and friendly for you pup

Most of dog owners would want to let their dog bark when someone approaches but not to the extent that he will bite all the visitors that will come into your place.  Thus, you need to prevent your dog from barking too much by building screens so that the dog can’t see the passer-by.  You can also leave some toys for your dogs to play with or you can turn some music on so that it will distract your dog from barking at some local noises within your area.  

Ways to Make your Dog Quiet and Happy is a Guest Post by Laine Harrison:

Laine Harrison, working mom, loves having pets at home.  It gives her house a homey feeling just like her hot tubs.  She tries to share her portable hot tubs with her kids.

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