Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dog Owner's Springtime Checklist

If your dog could tell you his or her favorite time of year, it would almost invariably be the spring and early days of summer. The weather is just right, which means more time outside and more fun with the humans. Activity is everywhere. And the smells...your dog would never shut up about the smells of spring and summer.

As the weather starts to warm up, start thinking of ways to make sure your canine gets the most out of spring and stays healthy in the process. Here's a five-point checklist to get you started:

Bath and shave: Most dog owners opt to let their furry companion carry as thick a coat as possible during the winter to help keep them warm. Remember to shave thick coats when the weather warms up to keep your dog cool. Finish with a bath to rinse the remaining soot collected from winter.

Check-up: The end of winter is a good time for your canine to get a check-up. The reason being is that limited outdoor activity combined with a natural instinct to store fat during cold conditions may mean your dog is overweight. On top of that you might as well have your dog screened in general.

Double check your garden ambitions: Before taking the time to sew seeds for a spring garden, make sure you aren't planning on planting anything that may be harmful to your pet. Popular garden plants that can cause sickness in dogs include daffodils, gladiolas, and tulips.

Stock up on flea and tick meds: This one is a no brainer. Either at your visit to the vet or through a trusted online vendor, get the necessary flea and tick medicine before allowing your pet to spend extensive time outdoors. Frontline Plus for dogs is particularly useful since it guards against both.

Plan a trip: Now comes the fun part. Put all this preparation and prevention to good use and plan some some for you and your canine to enjoy the return of warm weather. Camping is a great idea, but so is simply taking your dog for a long walk in a park.

The sights, sounds, and smells of spring and summer are without a doubt some of the best things your dog loves about life besides you. Partake in their appreciation for the warmer months and reciprocate their affection by doing your part to ensure they have a wonderful time outdoors.

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