Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Labrador Retriever Names by Color

Have you ever tried to name a dog before? Finding the perfect name for your dog isn't easy is it? You want to choose a name that goes well with your dog's specific personality and appearance, and not just some overused generic name like "Rover" or "Bingo."

Below is a list of some interesting Labrador Retriever names for each of the three main colors Labs come in: yellow, chocolate, and black. Even if you don't choose one of these names, hopefully they can serve as an inspiration for you to come up with a name of your own that you think really suits your pup.

Black Labrador

· Coal. A classic for a black dog, especially one that is likely to end up on Santa's "naughty" list.

· Domino. A playful name for a black dog that is good at getting things going.

· Liquorish. Can be for a male or female - a sweet dog with a slightly playful nature.

· Olive. A lighthearted name for a lighthearted Lab. Variations include Oliver and Olivia.

· Panther. The name of a sleek, beautiful, stealthy, and dangerous animal.

· Pepper. Cute and playful for a black Lab. Sergeant Pepper is another possible variation on this name.

· Vader. If you're a big Star Wars fan, this is a great name for your black Lab. Evil, but still lovable, and always quite a character.

Yellow Labrador

· Buttercup. This yellow flower is also the name of the heroine in the classic movie, "The Princess Bride" and is a great name for a female dog that likes to be treated like a princess.

· Butterscotch. A classic for a yellow Lab that can be used for both males and females.

· Daffodil. A good name for a sweet yellow female.

· Flash. An especially apt name for an energetic yellow Lab that is always dashing around the house like a flash of lightning.

· Goldilocks. A brilliant name for an innocent-looking female pup that somehow always manages to find herself in trouble.

· Nacho. A funny and unique name for your yellow Lab.

· Ray. This is a good name for the Lab that is a ray of sunshine in your life.

Chocolate Labrador

· Cocoa. A classic name for a male or female chocolate Lab.

· Coffee. Great for a hyper chocolate Lab that always acts as if it's hyped up on caffeine.

· Godiva. A unique and interesting-sounding name for a chocolate Lab.

· Hershey. Yet another brand of chocolate that makes for a great dog name.

· Kit Kat. This is a cute and playful name for a sweet chocolate Lab.

· Tootsie. Another cute name for a female Labrador. Other variations include Tootsie Roll and Tootsie Pop.

Finding the perfect name to incorporate all of your Lab's amazing qualities can be difficult, but hopefully this list of Labrador Retriever names has been of some help. If you don't find a name you like here, just try to focus on your dog's personality and unique traits, and the perfect name is sure to come to you eventually.

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