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How To Locate And Care For Chocolate Lab Puppies

Chocolate lab puppies are delightful dogs that make wonderful pets. Besides being adorable, these labs are faithful and loving animals that have personalities suitable for all age groups, including very young children. Typical places to find chocolate lab puppies include animal shelters, puppy mills, and breeders. It should be noted that before someone brings a lab into his or her home, he or she should make preparations including buying equipment for the dog; finding reputable groomers and vets; and locating a trainer in the event that one is needed.

Chocolate Labrador puppies can be found at animal shelters, puppy mills, as well as from reputable breeders. Local animal shelters sometimes have labs available for adoption. Many purebred dogs can in fact be found at animal shelters. By adopting a chocolate lab from a shelter, you'll be helping a dog in need as well as bringing a potentially lovely pet into your home.

Puppy mills should be avoided at all costs. A number of dogs placed for sale online, as well as may of those sold in pet shops, come from puppy mills. Employees from puppy mills typically do not allow prospective buyers to see their kennel areas and on average do not have vet records for their dogs. The goal of such places is sadly to make profits over the dogs' health and well-being, and a lot of the dogs from these mills unfortunately end up having medical and other issues.

Reputable Labrador retriever breeders are perhaps your best resource when searching for chocolate lab puppies. Breeders with good reputations take extra care to ensure that their dogs are healthy and well cared for and are dedicated to producing well rounded hunting, competition, and family dogs. When looking for a Labrador retriever as a hunting companion, be sure to seek out breeders who only breed dogs with a field trial or hunt test background. Many reputable breeders will also have an adoption program in place.

Once the decision is made to bring a chocolate lab puppy home, and one is selected, the prospective owner needs to purchase equipment, find a reputable vet and dog groomer, and locate a dog trainer. The equipment needed includes a bed, toys, dog food, a leash, a collar, food bowls, nail clippers, and a first aid kit. While the new owner is setting up his or her home with all of these new items, he or she also needs to make sure that the house is puppy proofed in anticipation of the new arrival.

A reputable vet and dog groomer also both need to be found. Vet check-ups, as well as an appointment to have the puppy altered, need to be made as soon as possible. Waiting too long for puppies to be spayed or neutered increases their chances of getting different cancers. Where groomers are concerned, it is possible to locate one through a vet office or animal shelter. It is very important to find a groomer who has a good reputation and who works well with animals. Perhaps the prospective owner can make a surprise visit to a groomer to see how well its employees deal with animals. Furthermore, it is best to find a groomer that does not use sedatives to calm animals down.

A dog obedience school should be looked into as well in the event that it is needed. Many vets, shelters, and pet shops offer obedience classes. In addition, before the chocolate lab is even brought home, rules should be devised including commands and training the dog to go outside when necessary.

How To Locate And Care For Chocolate Lab Puppies by Russ Riedle.

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