Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Safety Tips for your Labrador Retriever

Halloween is a wonderful happy time for the kids and family but can be a very stressful holiday for your Labrador Retriever or other dogs in your family.

Learn how to keep your Labrador Retriever or other family dog safe, happy and healthy with the following Halloween dog safety tip videos.

Learn how to keep your dog safe on Halloween with Eric R. Letendre, the Amazing Dog Training Man:

Eric covers costume safety for your dog, candle and Jack O lantern safety, chocolate and candy wrappers and leaving your dog outside on Halloween. We love the wonderful introduction with Friday the Thirteenth music player and Eric dressed as Jason!

Bark Busters has some safety tips to follow this Halloween to keep your dog safe and happy:

Patrick Louge of Bark Busters covers flammables and edibles, costumes, safe areas and trick or treating with your dog.

The Pampered Pooch talk about Halloween Safety & Fun For Your Dog in this radio broadcast:

Christine and Vicki of the The Pampered Pooch will share some safety tips for your pets at Halloween. Discussions also include useful reflective products for your dog while out with you at night, tips on purchasing costumes, The Pampered Pooch of the Week, Halloween party planning and some party planning ideas for a "Hollywood/Movie" themed birthday party for your dog. Listen in for a howling good time!

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