Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FURminator Dog deShedding Tool

I talk about the FURminator Dog deShedding Tool multiple times on this blog and always promise to do a review but never get the time to do said review. Many of you have also e-mailed asking questions about the FURminator dog deShedding tool, so I have FINALLY made some time to let you know what I think of this product.

FURminatorIf you’re a Labrador Retriever owner, chances are there is evidence of your Labrador Retriever all over your home in the form of dog hair. Usually, this is something that is to be expected. Just as we humans lose or “shed” our hair on a daily basis, our animal friends shed their fur as well. The problem here is when we own particularly furry pets who will leave gobs upon gobs of hair all over the place. Enter the FURminator. A de-shedding tool that promises to greatly reduce the amount of fur being left around your home. Just what is this tool and how does it work?

The FURminator is, as previously stated, a de-shedding tool that looks like a lot of the other brushes or blades that are out there on the market. This product, though, reaches down into the undercoat to grab loose fur while nicely grooming the top coat. It is also designed to work on most any shedding breed of dog or cat; as long as they have fur, of course. With its stainless steel head and ergonomic handle, the FURminator will reduce your dog’s - or even your cat’s - shedding for approximately four to six weeks.

Some drawbacks that have been noted by users are that the tool did not effectively reduce the shedding as it said, or that it actually broke the shafts of their pet’s fur and ruined the undercoat. With these complaints in mind, we recommend keeping a few things in mind:

• Do not use this de-shedding tool on puppies or kittens. They are brand new and their coats are just growing in for the first time. Just as you wouldn’t use thinning shears on a baby’s hair, don’t use the FURminator on a puppy or kitten.

• Ensure your Labrador Retriever (or other dog you may have) has been properly bathed prior to using the FURminator. Don’t think that you can use this whenever and wherever. If your pet is still wet from a bath, wait until they are dry. Also ensure you’ve run a grooming brush through their hair first. Your hair stylist wouldn’t cut your hair without first combing it out - and you shouldn’t try to de-shed your pet before detangling their fur.

• Have a good bathing routine in place. We shower daily to keep clean and to slough off dead skin cells so that our skin stays healthy. Even in a home without pets, there will be hair in your shower drain. The same is true of caring for furry pets. Your shedding issues may not, in fact, be shedding issues at all and may simply be rooted in lack of a bathing routine.

Do not use this product every day. It’s very easy to overuse de-shedding tools, especially if it doesn’t seem as though you’re getting instant results. You have a Labrador Retriever in your home - there is going to be fur around. What you’re looking for by using a de-shedding tool is to simply decrease the amount of fur.

As long as you keep those things in mind and are already caring for your Labrador Retriever's coat on a regular basis, we think you’ll find that the FURminator is an incredibly handy product that will certainly help to reduce your Labrador Retriever's shedding quickly, efficiently, and gently.

Disclaimer: The FURminator dog deShedding tool was purchase out of my own pocket, with my own money. The opinions within this post are of my own. I was not compensated by anyone, as I bought the FURminator dog deShedding tool with my own money and for my own use. My reviews may not always positive, but they are my personal and honest opinions. Please conduct your own research before purchasing products (I'm not sure I even need this disclaimer for products that I purchase with my own money, but with new disclaimer rules, it doesn't hurt to post one).


SocialStudiesSoubrette October 27, 2010 7:49 AM  

We have four dogs three of which are mixed with lab. They all live inside so I am sure you can imagine the massive amounts of hair we have around. We love our Furminator. When we actually use it regularly it really does cut down on the amount of fur. I'm not sure if it is actually six weeks worth but I can see a difference for at least two weeks and I will take it. We also have a nine month old baby so I am constantly trying to beat back the fur so the baby isn't always filthy. Great product. A must for people who have labs inside.

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