Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Need for Pet Insurance with your Labrador Retriever

Thanks goes out to Mark Martin for this guest article on the need for pet insurance with your Labrador Retriever.

As hard as it is to believe, a recent report by the RSPCA claimed that in 2008 the number of animals being abandoned by their owners rose by 57% compared to previous years. It can’t be a coincidence that this coincided with the credit crunch and reduced disposable incomes for many families. From first hand experience, I know the expense that can come with vet bills for dogs and therefore can understand why people have had to take this drastic step, no matter how unthinkable it may seem.

However, there is a cheaper option. By taking out a pet insurance policy which can cost as little as $5, people can insure their animal so that vet bills are covered and so that no unexpected bills result in financial hardship. I know that to many people, taking out pet insurance seems an unnecessary expense, but when you consider that a Labrador retriever such as my own can suffer from a number of different disorders ranging from obesity, hip dysplasia, cataracts and immunity disorders, veterinary bills can be extortionate. Therefore in my opinion, taking out pet insurance is not just a cheaper method of caring for you animal, but it also reduces the chance of getting yourself into debt or even being forced to contemplate giving up your pet.

I know that as dogs get older, insurance costs will increase, but so will the cost of veterinary bills. Just like us, your Labrador will be more prone to illness the older it gets and therefore the chance of an unexpected bill increases. I implore all owners of dogs to insure their animal and ensure peace of mind. It has certainly saved me money over the years with my ten year old Labrador retriever, and although there have been years where I haven’t had to claim, I don’t regret it at all because when the vet bill eventually does come, I know I can afford to give my animal the care it deserves.


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