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Information to Know about Owning a Labrador Retriever

Information to Know about Owning a Labrador Retriever.

Guest Post by Kelly Marshall

Having a dog as part of the family is a rewarding experience. Parents and kids enjoy the companionship of a pet like this. Certain breeds of dogs are more suited to the family environment than others. The Labrador retriever is one such breed that is great with kids and adults alike. In fact, this breed is among the most popular breeds.

Labrador puppies can be challenging when you first bring them home like any puppies are. These puppies grow into beautiful bright dogs which are a joy to own. They also have a pleasant nature and like to please their owners. Labrador retrievers enjoy playing and love to go into the water.

These dogs are of medium build with a signature broad head they are recognized by. Its coat is short in length and is water resistant. This breed has good-size tail but its body is slightly longer than it. The Labrador was originally a hunting dog, since it is very intelligent, easy to train and has a high level of energy. This dog has become more than that today though because of its lovable personality and nature. It is a very popular pet now along with still being used for hunting.

Labs, as they are affectionately called, are playful and entertain their owners with their antics. It is not surprising that they have become so popular.

Before a family decides to own a Labrador though, they need to think about a few things. This dog is big enough that it needs some space to roam to burn off its excess energy. They need to make sure their house and yard will accommodate such a large dog. This dog would not be happy in an apartment for example. So if they think their space is too small then they need to choose another type of dog.

The Labrador breed loves to be around people and seeks out their companionship. The owners of these dogs should not leave them unattended for long periods of time. If they have too hectic of a schedule, this is cruel to the Lab not to be around enough. Some other breeds do better left alone and people with busy lives that take them away from their dogs should consider them instead or not having any.

Families who enjoy camping, hiking and swimming in lakes, love having the Labradors to enjoy these activities with. The dogs just go along eager to have a good time too. It is fun watching the dogs having as good of a time as the rest of the family.

These dogs have long been at the top of the list for the breed for families to own. They are great with kids which not all breeds are. The Labs are still also a valuable asset to the hunter going after to prey too. Now you know why it is good to own one. So check them out today if your family is looking for the ideal pet.

Kelly Marshall is a writer for Oh My Dog Supplies, the leading online store for dog beds, dog Halloween costumes and other cool dog gear.

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