Saturday, February 06, 2010

VitaLife Dog Treats Review

Recently, I was given the opportunity to receive some VitaLife Dog Treats to review here on the All About Labradors blog. My two Labrador Retriever girls LOVE their treats and thanks to my association with Dog Time Media, I was provide some samples of the VitaLife treats. I have heard of the VitaLife product brand but have tried any of their products before.

VitaLife dog treats are made with all natural ingredients with no sorbitol, no added glycerin, no added salt, no preservatives or artificial flavors helping to enrich your dog's health.

VitaLife Chicken and Banana Wraps

Chicken Banana Wraps

The Chicken and Banana Wraps are small sliced banana chips (banana, coconut oil) wrapped with chicken. My children loved giving our Labrador Retriever girls these treats when they were teaching them new tricks or showing their friends the tricks our Labrador ladies already knew. They were more than happy to run through their full repertoire of tricks knowing they would be receiving the treats.

VitaLife Plus Healthy Hips and Joints

Healthy Skin and Coat

The VitaLife Plus Healthy Hips treats and Joints include chicken (100% real chicken, low in fat and rich in protein) and are enriched with glucosamine hydrochloride (100mg) and chrondroitin sulfate (50mg), helping to rebuild and maintain cartilage, targeting joint health and mobility.

VitaLife Duck Dog Treats Twists

Duck Sweet Potato Twists

VitaLife Duck Dog Treats Twists are made with sweet potatoes wrapped with 100% high quality premium grade duck and were a nice crunchy treat for my Labrador Retrievers. The sweet potatoes are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and beta carotene, providing quick energy for active dogs. What breed of dog can be more active than our lovable Labrador Retrievers?

Which VitaLife treat was a favorite of my Labrador Retrievers? Well, my Labradors seem to eat anything, that's why I was more than happy to know that the VitaLife dog treats were 100 percent natural and had far less ingredients than other treats. They loved all the treats but they seemed to love the VitaLife Duck Dog Treats Twists. They couldn't get enough of them!

I was very happy to try the VitaLife Treats (or should a say my Labrador Retrievers were more than happy to try the treats) and I'm more than happy to recommend them to all dog owners.

VitaLife dog treat can be found at many retail pet supply stores or online. For more information VitaLife products visit:

I received the VitaLife Dog Treats for sole purpose of reviewing them from Dog Time Media. No monetary compensation was given for this post. Opinions in the post are my honest opinions and are not influenced by the reception of product.

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Anonymous,  February 08, 2010 1:39 PM  

I have a 10 year old Labrador named Teddy. He's been my greatest joy and gotten me thru some hard times. You review on Vitalife treats reminded me he deserves something great for St. Valentine's Day. I plan on getting at least one bag.

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