Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to Train your Labrador Retriever to Poop and Pee on Command

Make taking your Labrador Retriever to relieve themselves outside easier, by training them to poop and pee on command.

Follow these easy steps and before you know it, your Labrador Retrievers will take care of their eliminating business on command.

Step #1:

Take your Labrador Retriever outside on a leash to a spot that you want them to relieve themselves. Even if you have a fenced yard, make sure you still use a leash. Choose a word or words that you will use for the command. We use "Do your biz", but feel free to use any command you would like. Very important: Make sure you use the same command each time.

Step #2:

Carefully observe your Labrador Retriever while you are outside with them. When you notice them sniffing the ground in a specific spot, start saying the command phrase that you choose to use. My chocolate Labrador Retriever sniffs and then circles multiple times when she is ready to go. As you're observing your Labrador Retriever and you notice one of the signs (sniffing, circling), start saying your command. In my case, "Do your biz" over and over again until your Labrador Retriever starts to relieve themselves.

Step #3:

As your Labrador Retriever starts to poop or pee, stop saying the command and let them finish. You DON'T want to praise them at this point, as they may stop what they are doing. Remain quiet until your Labrador Retriever has finished!

Step #4:

As soon as your Labrador Retriever has finished, this is the time to lay on the praise and/or give your Labrador a treat!!! Make sure you offer this praise as soon as your Labrador Retriever has finished, otherwise your Lab might confuse the praise for a different behavior.

Step #5:

Continue the above training process until your Labrador Retriever has master the command of relieving themselves.

Some tips to remember:

Use the same command each time your Labrador Retriever goes outside to go to the bathroom.

Offer no praise until the deed is done.

Patience and persistence are the key!!!

Believe me, this training will pay off on those rainy or freezing cold nights. Good luck!

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Jayfa,  February 28, 2010 3:23 AM  

Great post!

I'd add a small bit of advice about this: Make sure the word(s) used for the command are not words you use commonly!

If you use a word like 'bathroom', you might find it tedious reminding all of your visitors not to say the word around the dog.

Fay February 28, 2010 9:41 PM  

Great advice Jayfa, thanks for your comment!

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