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Do Labrador Retrievers get cold during the winter?

Subject: Do Labrador Retrievers get cold during the winter?

From: Ashley (USA)

Labrador Retriever Name: Junior

Reader's E_mail - Ashley Writes:

I’d like to know if Labrador Retrievers get cold during the winter. My dog (puppy) (10 months) is kept outside in his dog house. I do stuff blankets in there for him, but I'm always worried he is cold. Especially when the nights hit harder. Should I supply him with a heater inside the house just so that I can have a piece of mind?

All About Labradors Answer:

Hello Ashley,

Thank you for your question. The information given here is to help you learn more about your Labrador Retriever and not to replace your veterinarian's advice. Disclaimer

As the season gets colder, I receive this question many times. I am going to refer you to the older post done on the All About Labradors blog which will supply you with all the information you need.

Is it to cold for my 2 year old Labrador

Cold Weather and your Labrador Retriever

Preparing Your Pup For Winter

Tips To Protect Your Pets From Extreme Cold

As far as the heater inside the house goes, I'm not sure what type of heater you want to use. I personally wouldn't use a kerosene heater (very dangerous).

I did find an outstanding article called Heating a Dog House. It provides excellent information in regards to proper cold weather construction and ideas for warming a dog house, as well as safe products for heating a dog house (heated kennel mats and dog beds).

Please let me know if this helps and if you have any further question, don't hesitate to ask.


To see a adorable photo of Junior visit: Junior 12/12/09

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