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10 Things You Should Look For in A Great Labrador Breeder

Most breeders charge an average of $800 for one of their purebred pups that is if you agree to spay or neuter the puppy. If you plan to show or breed the dog the price increases. Show dogs sell on average for $1,500. If you are particularly attached to a certain breed and can not imagine yourself with any other then this might not seem like a large sum of money. While you might not mind parting with the cash, there are certain things you should expect for your fee:

1. A three generation pedigree tree should be provided at minimum. This means that your breeder should know who your puppy’s parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are on both the side of the bitch and the sire. Most reputable breeders are in business for long periods of time and can typically trace the bloodline back much further.

2. Titled Champions should be in the bloodline. Somewhere in the puppy’s pedigree there should be a sporting, working, or conformation title winner. The puppy would preferably be a direct descendant, within the first two generations, of the title winner.

3. The hips and elbows of both parents should be certified as “Good” or “Excellent” by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals on both parents. Joint problems including osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia are often hereditary and dogs with these problems should not be bred because it will almost certainly pass along to the offspring. These conditions cause extreme pain in the dog himself and are expensive to treat as well.

4. Eyes should be certified free of genetic abnormalities. Eye disorders and diseases such as glaucoma, inverted eyelids and progressive retinal atrophy are hereditary and dogs with these conditions should never be bred. While some eye disorders are mere inconveniences, others can be serious and require continued treatment.

5. You should have a guarantee that your dog is free from inheritable diseases and conditions. There should be language in the agreement that allows for the replacement of the dog or refund of the fee in the event that your dog is diagnosed with an inherited disease.

6. A good breeder should also include language in an agreement regarding care of the dog if you should no longer be able to. If there is ever any reason that you are unable to keep or care for the dog then the breeder should always offer to take the dog back. This protects you and also makes sure that the breeder gets “their” dog back.

7. Any help or advisement that you need to help you become a better dog owner. Every breed has its own characteristics and special needs and your breeder should act as a guide and confidant.

8. Your breeder should also provide proper care and grooming information. They should be able to tell you what disorders to look out for, how many hours of playtime they need and what their specific grooming requirements are. They are an expert on the breed and should be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to ensure proper care, training and socialization.

9. Sample of the currently fed food, generally enough for the first few days, or more. This will give you time to find the specific brand of food your puppy is used to while letting him remain on his current diet. Switching foods often and suddenly can cause stomach upset and diarrhea so it is best to maintain the same diet if it is nutritionally sound.

10. A dog with a good, even temperament who is a good match for your home. Your breeder should have done their back ground check on you and should be able to tell after the interview and application if the dog will fit well with your family dynamic and life style.

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LailaSmith01 June 02, 2011 10:49 PM  

Thanks for this article. I am interested in breeding our Labrador. :)

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