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A Second Opinion for Hip Dysplasia - part I

Subject: A Second Opinion for Hip Dysplasia - 7 month old Yellow Lab - part I.

From: Tara (USA)

Labrador Retriever's Name: Bailey

Reader's E-mail - Tara Writes:

Good afternoon! I have a couple of questions for you about my lab Bailey. I have spoken to my vet several times about checking Bailey for hip dysplasia because he is very large for such a young puppy. I wanted to see if you thought I should get a second opinion.

Bailey is around 83 lbs. Bailey is not a hyper lab, he has the perfect temperament. But, if I want he to jump onto the bed, he will put his front paws on the bed and I have to grab his back paws and help him up. Same with my SUV, he will put his front paws up on the seat but I have to pick up the back end of him and he isn't a lightweight. I just want to make sure I have him checked early so he doesn't suffer through any pain.

My vet tells me just to walk him and make sure he doesn't eat to much, I walk Bailey about 3-4 miles a day and I feed him 4 - 5 cups of growth control puppy food. Do you think I am just paranoid or do I have reason to seek a second opinion? Thank you in advance. I have attached a picture of Bailey - WARNING - he is the cutest little puppy EVER!!!

Thank you again!

All About Labradors Response:

Hello Tara,

Thank you for taking the time to write. My apologies on the delay with the response, as it takes me some time to answer the many questions I receive at this blog. I would also like to thank you for the great photo of Buster and Bailey, you're right, they both are the cutest.

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First off, I would like to say that I don't think you are paranoid. If my veterinarian told me anything that I wasn't happy with or felt enough wasn't done, I would seek a second opinion (it's totally your choice).

Tara, I do have a couple of things I would like to ask you.

How old is Bailey?

Did your veterinarian tell you anything else "besides walk him and make sure he doesn't eat to much". Anything about what the problem may be?

Some symptoms of Hip Dysplasia:

Trouble getting up and down stairs

Reluctant to exercise

Reluctant to jump or stand on hind limbs

Difficulty in rising

Soreness after lying down or after heavy exercise

A popping or snapping sound when walking

A sensitivity to touch in the hindquarters

Sits rather than stand

An abnormal stance (leaning forward) or gait (bunny-hopping)

Besides what you told me, do you observe any of these symptoms with Bailey?

On what kind of surface do you walk Bailey (dirt, concrete, etc)?

What other forms of exercise does Bailey get?

Do you give Bailey any supplements? If so, let me know what you give him.

Where did you get Bailey from?

Tara, please get back to me with the answers to these questions.

Talk to you soon,

This is part one of a two part e-mail. To read part two visit: A Second Opinion for Hip Dysplasia - part II

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