Friday, April 25, 2008

$6 Instant Savings Check for 12 doses of HEARTGARD® Plus

For any of you that use HEARTGARD® Plus, here's a little help to save you some money. You can request your $6 instant savings check (by mail) good for purchase of 12 doses of HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel). You can only use this instant savings check if the HEARTGARD® Plus is purchased from your veterinarian.

I guess this one depends on how much your veterinarian charges for HEARTGARD® Plus. I know some that charge astronomical rates for pet products in their offices.

HEARTGARD® Plus savings

Be advised: This is available to U.S. Residents only and only available through August 15, 2008 (see website for more details).

I want to give a big thank you to All About Labradors reader Aimee and her yellow Labrador Retriever, Rutu for sending this in. Hope it is of help to some of you.

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