Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Free coupon for the first e-mail

Hello to all. I have four coupons for Pedigree puppy food and treats for anyone that wants them. Coupons are as follows:

$4.00 off on one(1) 4.4 lb. bag or larger of Pedigree Puppy Dry Food for Puppies

$2.00 off on five(5) pouches of Pedigree Little Champions Healthy Start Food for Puppies

$2.00 off on five(5) cans of Pedigree Puppy Canned Food for Puppies

$1.00 off on Pedigree Trainer Treats

These coupons are only valid in the USA (sorry to all my outside the US readers) and all expire on 9/30/07.

If anyone can use these coupons or know of someone who can use them, the first person to e-mail me (just click the "Contact Me" link in top left box of this blog) will get the coupons sent to them postage free.

Update: ** Coupons have been claimed! **

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