Saturday, August 04, 2007

Coupon - Save $8 0ff Iams Healthy Naturals

A quick post here for any of you that use, or are thinking about using, Iams Healthy Naturals dog food. You can get yourself a coupon for $8 off.

The only thing with this is that it doesn't state what size bag the coupon is for. If it's for the 7 lb bag, then depending where you live, it will cost you just about nothing.

Even if it's for the larger bag, you still save eight dollars, which you can always use to buy your Labrador Retriever a new slicker brush, collar, leash...

The coupon is limited to one per household and only valid in the U.S.

To request your coupon for $8 off Iams Healthy Naturals click Start Sampling

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