Thursday, August 23, 2007

All About Labradors - new freebie find

Good evening to all the readers of All About Labradors. Hope all is well with you guys and your Labrador Retrievers.

Still getting caught up on all the e-mail questions everyone has sent in. Thank you for your patience, I will get to your question. We are looking to bringing in another person to help answer all of your questions to help me out.

Found a freebie for all of you that use the Greenies products. This ones for a free sample of Greenies SmartBiscuit™

Quote from Greenies website: "Introducing SmartBiscuit™, the 100% nutritionally complete and balanced treat, that combines unique breath-freshening ingredients dogs love in a biscuit containing real Greenies Chips™. The combination provides pet owners the perfect opportunity to reward and cuddle with their favorite pet…more often!"

To request your free sample of the Greenies SmartBiscuit™ click: Greenies

Take care of yourselves and your Labrador Retrievers!

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