Sunday, July 01, 2007

Freebies for your Labrador Retriever 7/01/07

I am posting some freebies for everyone to take advantage of. These freebies were posted before on this blog, in the beginning of 2006 and are still available.

For those of you that have missed out on that posting, and for the new readers to the All About Labrador blog, here's is your chance to try some new product samples for your Labrador Retriever.

I'm not sure if you already requested a sample, that you can get another one, but it doesn't hurt to try (just don't tell them I said so).

Enjoy! Thank you for visiting All About Labradors blog.

Benny Bully's Pet Treats - "A nutritious, pure and natural alternative to traditional pet treats". " Benny Bully's is a HOLISTIC pet treat made from all natural, single ingredient, pure meats, in North American facilities that process human edible foods." Benny Bully's was not associated with the current pet food recall. - "Cooking a home made meal for your pet is easy, and you KNOW that what your pet is eating is whole, nutritious food." For those of you that do make your own home made dog foods, you can print out some free recipes from Andi Brown, founder of Halo, Purely for Pets.

Riplees Ranch - A free sample of Riplees Ranch dog food. You can also enter their online contest for free Riplees Ranch dog food for a year. {Canada Only}

Recipe Zaar - here's another website with some recipes for dog foods and treats.

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