Monday, June 18, 2007

All About Labradors - Back on track

Hello to all the readers of All About Labradors. Sorry for the delays in posting, as I was without a computer since the end of May. After my last posting on 05/31/07, my computer decided it was time to end its life.

Posted once on my sisters computer and then had her try to help post for me, and she caused me even further problems, by wiping away some of my e-mail questions, and some of my saved e-mails from the past. Not to mention some of my precious photos of all the Labrador Retrievers sent in by all of you.

I am now back online with my new speedy Dell notebook computer and have wrote to some of you who's e-mail questions I still have. Below are the names of the other e-mail questions I also have, and you will be receiving an answer shortly.

E-mail names:

Ronnie D.
Steph L.
Derek R.
Andrew O.
Jason D.
Gary S.
Mina C.
Dawn C.
Erik J.
Sal A.
Gregory L.

I also have a question from Caroline in regards to Marley and shedding, but don't seem to have the full question, if you could resend it, that would be great.

For those of you that have sent in e-mail questions and have not received a response or who's name is not listed above, please except my sincere apologies. Please resend your question(s) and I will try to be of help to you.

For those of you that have sent in pictures of your Labradors, and I haven't sent you an e-mail yet, please resend them if you would like me to post them to the Labrador Retrievers Picture blog.

Once again my apologies for the delays and we are rolling again with the new computer!

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