Friday, June 29, 2007

1 year old black Labrador Retriever with Chronic Ear Infections - part I

We received this e-mail from Eric (USA). Eric's question has to due with chronic ear infections with his 1 year old black Labrador Retriever named Sammy.

Reader's E-mail - Eric Writes:

I have a 1 yr-old black lab that I've owned for about 4 mos. She has had chronic ear infections (with small intervals of absence following treatment with Otomax. Since that time, I regularly clean her ears with Isopropyl Alcohol with a cotton swab and apply Swimmer's Ear Astringent.

I have read the FAQ under this site and am purchasing the ingredients for the Blue Powder "stuff" and will follow the regimen. My dog will swim a lot. What do you recommend in terms of post-swimming application. Blue Powder each time?

Thanks for your help.

Eric (For Sammy)

All About Labradors Answer:

Hello Eric,

Thanks for writing, sorry to hear about Sammy's ears.

Before I answer your question, I need you to answer something for me:

What is causing her chronic ear condition?

Did your vet recommend the Isopropyl Alcohol and Swimmers Ear Astringent?

Do you ever have problems with her ears after cleaning with the alcohol?

Please get me an answer for these question and then I will be able to answer your question Eric.

One last thing Eric, with all the email questions I receive, I always ask a favor of the person writing. If you have any photos of Sammy, that you could email me, I would love to post them to the Labrador Retriever Pictures blog.

Talk to you soon,


Reader's E-mail - Eric's Response:

Dear Fay:

Thank you for your prompt response. I must say I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know what's causing them. I got her at 8 mos. of age and she had one almost immediately. She had also, almost immediately swam and other than dry her, I did nothing.

I took her to the vet and without any tests, he prescribed the medication that I informed you of on the previous e-mail. Is Ottomax for bacterial infections? I think so. But again, I don't know what his diagnosis was/is. Since the problem has been fairly chronic with only short respites, it is hard to say that she is or isn't reacting to the alcohol. The swimmer's ear astringent was, however, recommended by the vet to help prevent what we surmised (I surmised?) was a problem related to lake-water in her ears. Thanks for your help.


To read part II of this email click: 1 year old black Labrador Retriever with cronic ear infections - part II.

To see a photo of Sammy, click: Sammy 6/29/07.

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