Monday, March 19, 2007

Free Dog Food Sample

For those of you Labrador Retriever owners that are not happy with their current dog food or for those getting a new Labrador, is offering a free sample of Azmira Holistic Dog.

A quote from their website states: "These products are free of by-products, salt, yeast or sugar or animal fats. Azmira foods are more digestible and more bio-available, making them more cost effective and healthier for your dog. " "Azmira uses the finest Grade A meats and Grade 1 whole grains."

Just to advise all of you, I have never used the above foods for my Labs, nor am I an affiliate for them, so I don't know much about their products. If interested visit their site to obtain further information. If anyone does use their foods, please drop me an e-mail ( good or bad) and let us know. One last thing, Azmira dog food is not a listed brand on the dog food recall.

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