Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pet First Aid: Are You Aware and Prepared?

Even the most vigilant pet owners happen upon the occasional accident and must be prepared to respond with proper care. By being prepared in advance of pet emergencies, we can do so much more to prevent a disastrous outcome.

The following infographic, coutesy of 1800PetMeds, focuses on raising awareness for pet first aid facts and offers helpful tips for pet owners in the event of a pet emergency.

You'll learn more about common call for pet first aid, poison/toxin ingestion, pet CPR, dangers on the road/household, assembling a complete first aid kit and more.

Take a moment to review this infographic and help raise awareness of Pet First Aid by sharing what you learn with fellow pet owners.

Pet First Aid Infographic
Courtesy of: 1800PetMeds.com

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