Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Electric Pet Fencing: An Affordable Way to Keep Your Pets Safe

The outside world can pose a myriad of dangers to our pets, from cars and aggressive animals to toxic food and harsh weather. Many animals who escape from their homes end up in shelters as strays. If they’ve lost their ID tags along the way, it is likely that they will never see their original home again. The National Council on Pet Study and Population estimates that 98% of stray cats and 80% of stray dogs never return home. If these animals are lucky, they will be adopted by a nice family, but the majority of strays do not fare so well. With so much at stake, it is imperative that pet owners ensure that their pets stay safely on their home property. Training is an essential part of the plan, but you will need to take additional precautions to prevent losing your pets.

If you own a dog, you need to fence in your yard to ensure that they remain safely on your property. However, because permanent fencing can be quite costly to erect, many dog owners neglect to do this. Electric pet fencing offers an affordable solution to contain your pets. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, they are convenient, and super easy to install. Electric pet fences offer you the flexibility to change the configuration of your fence at will, and also give you the option of removing the fence and taking it with you if you move house; saving you cost of purchasing a new fence when you move into your new abode.

Electric pet fences also have numerous other benefits: they are durable, weatherproof, and require little maintenance; pets quickly learn to respect the boundaries of the fence and stay away, consequently dogs are less likely to dig under or jump over an electric fence than a solid fence.

Above ground electric pet fences not only keep pets in, they are also effective at keeping predators and other unwanted critters out, ensuring that your pets are protected from wild animals that could cause them harm or pass on disease. They can also be used with great effect to keep pets out of sensitive areas in your garden, such as flower beds or your veggie patch, or to keep cats and other predators away from fish ponds or bird aviaries.

Electric pet fencing is available in kit form – the kits contain all the necessary equipment to enable you to quickly install an electric fence to contain your pets. Typically a kit will consist of electric fence wire, PVC fence posts, a grounding rod, and accessories such as connectors and possibly a fence tester. In addition, you will need an energizer to keep the fence charged – the type and size of the energizer will depend on how long your fence is, and the type of animals you wish to contain or exclude, but generally a small, low-powered energizer is adequate for pets. Energizers can be AC powered, battery powered, or even solar powered, allowing you complete flexibility in all situations.

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