Sunday, September 23, 2012

Labrador Retriever: The Ultimate Multi-Tasking Family Member

Labrador Retrievers are loved the world over for their winning personalities and superior abilities; it is hardly any surprise that they make such wonderful additions to the family environment. 

1. Protector - A Lab has an intimidating appearance, weighing up to 80 pounds with a sculpted body and chiseled chest, quite capable of deterring strangers yet still maintaining that lovable personality. They are intuitive about people, always on alert and have a loud authoritative bark to keep the property parameters well protected. 

2. Guardian - A young child playing in the backyard or making that first trip by himself to the mailbox under the watchful eye of the family's Lab sets parents at ease and keeps them safer. There is a very good reason they are called "retrievers." 

3. Teacher - Older children can assume responsibility for the training of the family lab and acquire good skills in leadership, commitment and following through. Also, the process of training creates a good example for kids to understand the relationship between behavior and reward for themselves, such as the one between homework and good grades or housework and a fair allowance. 

4. Referee - Labs don't like chaos and disorder and have a keen sense of how things should be; bickering children will promptly be barked at, in an attempt to restore order in the household and keep the peace. 

5. Companion - Labs are one of the most consistently even-temperament dogs there are. With few exceptions, they are easy-going, and the only fierceness they are known for is in their loyalty. 

6. Fitness coach - Labs need plenty of exercise, and in the process the human family members will burn off quite a few calories! Everyone will benefit from the workout a Lab provides, so long as he receives at least half an hour of vigorous exercise every day. 

7. Low maintenance beauties - Other than the occasional bath, Labrador Retrievers don't require much grooming. The short hair manages itself and makes caring for them a breeze. 

8. Outdoor adventure - Usually a family vacation means boarding the family pet, but with labs, if the intended destination involves camping, hiking or anything else in the great outdoors, he can tag along! Labs are unlikely to get lost, frighten other vacationers and serve as excellent guides through any type of territory.

9. Comedian - Labrador Retrievers add a special blend of humor to any household; although quite adept at training and work, they know not to take themselves too seriously and will always find ways of making people smile. They also have an uncanny ability to ease tensions, being pretty persistent in their silliness. 

10. Hero - For an only child, a single-mom up cleaning after her kids are in bed or any other member of the family, Labs are unabashedly loving and extremely generous with their affection. They show you how much they appreciate and value you on a non-stop, no strings attached basis; what more could you want in a relationship? 

There are nearly as many reasons for getting a dog as there are breeds, but for the all-purpose, dependable and loyal family pet, Labrador Retrievers take the cake hands-down!

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