Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dog Owner Responsibilities - the First Steps to Owning a Dog

Unfortunately it happens all too often that a dog is purchased on a whim. You, your child or another family member may see a puppy and for some reason all logic heads out of the window. The puppy becomes a must have situation and no thought goes into the major responsibilities that come with owning a dog.

Firstly you need to remember that any dog is 100 per cent dependent on its owner to provide food, water, a safe and pleasant home and much more beside. It’s also important to remember that puppies grow into adult dogs and this happens very quickly. That tiny puppy you held in your hand could well be three foot tall in a few months and if your home isn’t klarge enough you are going to have problems.

Then there’s the issue of exercise; accepted that dog in the toy breed category don’t require much exercise, but if you got yourself a retriever then it is not going to be happy being walked around the block on a leash.

Owing a dog is a serious matter and consideration needs to be given to it long before you buy the dog. In other words think carefully and consider the commitment; a dog will live between 8 and 16 years. Check out your lifestyle; if the home is empty all day every day and you have a busy social life then getting a dog isn’t sensible. It will be unhappy and unhappy dogs get bored; it will damage your home making the situation even worse.

Once you are sure that you are ready to own a dog think carefully about the breed you want. For example, if you live in a small apartment, don’t get a dog that requires a lot of space and plenty of exercise. If you aren’t at home some days then ensure you get a dog that is happy with its own company and won’t pine.

Check out the American Kennel club website; you can learn about every single breed, their individual requirements, temperaments, whether they are suitable for a small family and so on. The website is a wealth of helpful and important information.

When you have chosen the breed of dog you would like to own, don’t expect to get your perfect dog in a day or so. It may take some time; you need to locate a litter of puppies, then you need to check them out and make your choice. They may not be old enough to leave their mother so you may have to wait a few weeks. Sometimes it’s just simply really difficult to locate a litter, so you just have to keep looking.

Make sure you have all the necessary things you need to make your dog feel at home. A dog likes company, but they also like to know what space in the home is designated as their own. It makes them feel comfortable and they will also go to it when they want to relax; it’s a place that’s like your bedroom.

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