Monday, June 18, 2012

Labrador Retriever Training Secrets - Free PDF

This is an updated post from a few years ago (links expired) for a free copy of Labrador Retriever Training Secrets by Charles R. Heflin. Its been around for some time but may still be very useful to many Labrador Retriever owners.

Labrador Retriever Training Secrets

Labrador Retriever Training Secrets provides some excellent information on the introduction to your Labrador Retriever, selecting a Labrador and Labrador Retriever training. Here are the chapters you will find listed in Labrador Retriever Training Secrets:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Why is training essential?

Chapter 3 - Selecting a dog trainer

Chapter 4 - Advantages of training

Chapter 5 - Positive Reinforcement

Chapter 6 - Preparing to train

Chapter 7 - How to train your Lab

Chapter 8 - Why Training Your Lab Can Fail

Chapter 9 - Training & Behavior

Chapter 10 - Excessive Barking & Howling

Chapter 11 - Basic Training

Chapter 12 - Types of Training

Chapter 13 - Training to correct bad behavior

Chapter 14 - Training you can use to your advantage

Chapter 15 - Fun Training

Chapter 16 - The Lab’s Sense of Scent & Associated Tricks

Chapter 17 - Training & Show Biz

For those of you that are members of Scribd, you can print or save the ebook by clicking on the download link (next to word Scribd above). You can also view the ebook full screen by clicking on the Fullscreen link.

For all others, you can download Labrador Retriever Training Secrets in PDF format.

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