Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is Your Dog Too Bored to Behave?

In our modern world it seems as though the media is full to capacity with dog owners wanting to find the answers to cure their pet's behaviour. Everybody appears to live within the confined boundaries of their family's busy and hectic life. Breakfast is rushed, the commute, the school run, shopping trips, social activities and yet more and more households still wish to own a trusted companion.

When people think of living their perfect lifestyle, there is always the picture in their minds of the family group, made complete by the adorable dog sitting by their side.

Problems occur today when the puppy matures into an adult dog. So often once a dog has been house trained, people assume the animal will be capable of staying alone for a few hours every day. Here is where the difference between modern life in today's world stands in comparison with the households of yesteryear. Just a few years ago the average house had someone at home for most of the time and the family dog was rarely left unattended.

However there is nothing wrong with today's family household owning a dog, but judging by the amount of searches made daily on the internet for obedience training, then obviously some changes have to take place in order to satisfy your pet's needs.

The problems with what the owners are classifying as disobedient stems from pure boredom on the dog's behalf. Try to imagine being stuck indoors, restless wanting to exercise and run but cannot. Suddenly anything that is close at hand, pillows, rugs, shoes provide a challenge, something that they could chew and play with. If left indoors for too long then accidental puddles will occur, not for one to blame the dog for. But there are many ways that you can help your dog to settle into a new routine, which would still include time spent alone at home.

It is vitally important that you exercise your dog before you leave him alone and this has the added benefit that you can gain an extra fitness routine. Take a look around your local pet store, there are many toys available today that are designed for dogs to enjoy when you leave the house. Several items resemble balls and objects that contain treats within; the dog is then occupied trying to work out how to release the snack.

After working on these types of projects it is quite natural for the dog to nap afterwards. If you have reason to believe that your dog cannot wait to relieve itself before you return, then training him to use paper or puppy pads left by the door should alleviate this problem.

In our busy occupied lives it is so easy to actually forget the dog is there when you are at home. How often have you spent time working at the computer or watching television, completely unaware that your dog is curled up in some corner of the house feeling left out of the family group. Try to include your dog in as many household activities as possible. Call him and stroke his head as you relax after work.

Ensure that you allow plenty of time for an evening walk, dogs do like routine and knowing that following a meal he can then look forward to a game in the park. Pets enjoy regularity, try to keep each day to the same schedule for him and you will notice how much calmer your dog will be.

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