Friday, August 26, 2011

6 Ways To Pamper Your Pet

Labrador Retrievers are one of the friendliest dogs in existence. Don’t be fooled by their large body structure and fierce stare because they actually love people. These types of canines are very pleasant and playful. Although they will give a loud bark sometimes, they won’t really bite you unlike most dogs coming from different breeds would.

They are so warm and all they really want to do is to play and have some fun. Researchers have proven that dogs are great stress-busters, especially Labrador Retrievers. When you come home from work, they will welcome you with a big grin and with a wagging tale. They will also bring a ball or any toy as an expression of their desire to play with you.

As a pet-owner, this kind of greeting can be very heart-warming. They give you the joy of being acknowledged, even in such a simple way. So if you want to reward them for being such good mutts, here a few things you can do.

Labs love solid stuff

1. Give your dog some yummy biscuits.

2. Grab some chewable food like a flavored cow hide. Your dog will have fun trying to eat it and rip it apart while you will have zero problems in dealing about the stink and mess, unlike when you give bones.

3. Buy a new toy. Whether this is a regular ball or a squealing rubber toy, your dog will surely spend hours playing with it. Just make sure you don’t get anything too small that might easily be swallowed

Dog delighting activities

1. Please your playful pet with a bath. Black labs need to be bathed regularly because their color absorbs heat. Spare them from getting a heatstroke or a fever by keeping their bodies cool and fresh with a bath.

2. Take them to the beach. Labs are not afraid of the waters. In fact, they love to jump in the waves. This makes an enjoyable exercise for them.

3. Play fetch with your dog. As their name suggests, they love to retrieve things, like a stick or a ball.

6 Ways To Pamper Your Pet by Jenny Parker.

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