Saturday, April 09, 2011

Dog Toys and your Labrador Retriever

What can my Labrador Retriever chew on?

Should I give my Labrador Retriever dog toys?

What kind of dog toys should I give my Labrador Retriever?

Why Are Dog Toys Important?

Many of these questions are e-mailed to us here on All About Labradors. In the following video series, Elise McMahon of Canine Head Start, provides wonderful information on all kinds of questions you could have about dog toys.

In this first video, Elise stresses the importance of toys for our Labrador Retrievers. She talks about our responsibility as dog owner’s to provide appropriate chew toys and play toys so we can steer our lovable Labradors in the right direction.

Why are Dog Toys Important by Elise McMahon:

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