Thursday, December 02, 2010

Free Pet Adornaments

PetSmart is offering everyone the opportunity to create cute Pet Adornaments for free.

What is an adornament? It's the most adorable ornament ever, starring your own Labrador Retriever (or other dog or cat). It's printable, foldable and show-off-able.

The pet adornaments are very easy to create, just upload a photo of your lovable Labrador Retriever, select coat length and texture and then add your Labrador Retriever's name.

You then have a choice to download and print to assemble your pet adornament, post to your Facebook page, e-mail and copy the URL.

After you finish assembling your pet adornament, your can hang it from your Christmas tree!

Here's is our lovable Meeko:

Pet Adornament

Feel free to post the URL of your Labrador Retriever adornament in the comments section!

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