Thursday, November 11, 2010

Teaching Your Labrador Retriever to Lie Down

A useful lesson to teach your Labrador Retriever is to lie down on command. It is another basic Labrador Retriever training command that is essential for your dog to master. By teaching your Labrador to lie down, you can use that action to put your Lab in a passive stance when needed (ex: when taking your Labrador to the veterinarian or introducing them to new people or children).

Now, there are many different ways to teach your Labrador Retriever to lie down, some may work for you, while other will not. We do post more than one different lesson for each Labrador Retriever training command on All About Labradors, so if one way doesn't work, don't get discouraged, try a new lesson.

In the bellow Labrador Retriever training video, Melanie McLeroy, of the Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas talks about getting your Labrador retriever to lie down. Melaine uses a combination of hand signals and food treats to assist with her training.

A little advice: Do not teach your Labrador Retriever to lay down before they know how to sit. Once your Labrador has mastered sitting on command, it will be easier to teach them to lie down.

Always remember, patience is very important! You are not going to teach your Labrador Retriever how to lie down by yelling at them or hitting! Practice, patients and love are the key!

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