Friday, September 10, 2010

Weather Petcast is offering a new free service called Personal Petcast to determine how your dogs will fare in the expected weather for the next few days.

The Personal Petcast service is very easy to use. After typing in your dogs size, length of hair, age and zip code, you will be presented with the PetCast for location.

Features of the Petcast features include:

Dog Comfort Index - estimates how comfortable your dog will be outdoors in forecasted weather conditions.

Flea Activity Graph - shows graph with past weather data to illustrate when fleas are most likely to be active in your area.

Dog Care Guide - provides expert advice on how to keep man's best friend healthy and happy.

Other features include best time to walk your dog, mosquito activity, dog videos, dog weather maps, park locator and daily tips.

Heading outdoors with your Labrador Retriever? Visit the Personal Petcast to see how you lovable Labrador will fare in the weather.

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