Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FREE Wyson Epigen Pet Food sample

Wysong is offering a free sample of their brand new product Wysong Epigen for cats and dogs.

Information from Wysong: Wysong Epigen™ represents the first important kibble pet food innovation in almost 60 years (patent pending) and moves conventional dry extruded pet foods much closer to the high protein meat-based, starchless foods carnivores are genetically designed for. With that, they are given greater opportunity to enjoy their full natural health. Epigen™ is equally appropriate for both cats and dogs.

How can a diet be equally suitable for both cats and dogs?

Are the prey animals consumed by wild cats and dogs notably different? Then why believe that a pet food need be formulated for a specific species, or that one food could not be equally suitable for both cats and dogs?

The fact is pet foods have been designated species-specific because of different regulatory nutritional requirements (minimums), and frankly, because it's more marketable. People want to believe that what they are feeding has been specifically formulated for their animal.

Epigen™ has been designed to mimic, as much as possible, the foods canines and felines consume in the wild. Because wild canine and felines consume much the same foods, and Epigen™ is formulated to emulate these foods, it is equally suitable for cats and dogs.

Further, Epigen™ exceeds all regulatory nutritional minimums for both cats and dogs of all life stages.

I do have a couple of things that I am curious about with their pet food:

It a very high protein percentage - 60%

Starch Free kibble - I thought wheat, rice, potato and corn were starches, but it may have something to do with them being proteins that they are not counted as starches (maybe the literature they send will provide further information).

Anyway.. if you would like to request a FREE sample of Wyson Epigen Pet Food, literature and when Epigen launches, just fill out the request form on their website. Make sure you read through the "More Info" and "FAQ's" links.

If anyone knows any further information on Wyson Epigen, please don't hesitate to share with us. If anyone has furhter questions in regards to their Epigen pet food please comment or send me an e-mail. I will get them all together and send off an e-mail to their company.

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