Monday, October 19, 2009

Free N-R-G Dog Food Sample

"The N-R-G dog food family is dedicated to using the science of ingredient driven nutrition to provide balanced nourishment for canines. Our dog food diets have evolved over 15 years.

For generations we have been breeding, working, and interacting with canines while providing balanced whole
food nourishment.

N-R-G dog food founders pioneered the dehydration of canine diets. We have spent a decade developing our process to maximize nutrient retention.

N-R-G dog food is truly an artisan pet food. Our whole food diets are hand made using free range meats and fresh vegetables to maximize the availability of micro nutrients. Our squash and oats are grown here on our farm and sourced from growers that are committed to minimizing the use of chemical weed control."

Visit the N-R-G Dog Products website to learn about the benefits to giving your four legged best friend N-R-G dog food and to request your free N-R-G dog food sample.

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