Friday, August 07, 2009

The Pet Postcard Project

I came across this wonderful project while surfing the Internet this morning and had to share it with the All About Labradors blog readers.

It's called The Pet Postcard Project and aims at helping shelter animals one postcard at a time. The Pet Postcard Project is the brainchild of writer Nikki Moustaki, who has come up with a very clever idea!

Information from The Pet Postcard Project:

"Pet Postcards" for this project are homemade postcards featuring your own pets that you make and then snail mail into The Pet Postcard Project. Each card earns 1 pound of food for shelter dogs. So, if you send 10 cards for the cost of a stamp, you have given 10 lbs of food for shelter pets!

The postcards are roughly the size of an average postcard, and are decorated with photos of pets, drawings, markers, colored pens, stickers, glitter, pretty paper -- some are simple (made at your office while you're supposed to be working) and some are beautiful and complex (made by hardcore scrapbookers), and some are computer generated (for those tech savvy pet lovers). But the thing they ALL have in common is how the card makers feel about their pets.

The Pet Postcard Project is currently receiving help from Rachael Ray and her Nutrish "Food Raiser" Campaign. Rachael has pledged 1 pound of dog food for each homemade postcard received in the mail by the Pet Postcard Project! The goal is to give 3 TONS of food to both Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue

Now, searching around the Pet Postcard Project website, I found many beautiful, creative postcards, not to mention a whole section with our lovable Labrador Retrievers.

While your at their website, make sure you check out the wonderful monthly postcard contest they run and enter for your chance to win some outstanding prizes. Don't forget, each card you enter earns a pound of dog food for shelter dogs and cats!

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