Thursday, July 09, 2009

K9 KlearUp

From time to time we get the opportunities to try out dog products and foods from different companies. Toward the beginning of June I was approached with the opportunity to test out a product called K9 KlearUp, a naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic balm that helps clear up 17 most common canine skin and coat problems.

After agreeing to test their product I was sent a small sample a few days later to give it a try. Being that my two Labrador Retrievers girls are in tip top shape right now (keeping my fingers crossed), the next candidate up would be my sister's chocolate Labrador Retriever, Hestia, who has two split paws being from the concrete around the pool. Hestia was favoring the paws some and would continually lick the two hurt paws.

Hestia has the same problems with the paws as my chocolate Labrador Retriever, Meeko, a result of the hot concrete and the crazy running they do around the pool. I actually wish I received this product before she let Hestia in the pool area as this product is made to help make dog pads more resistant to surface that could cause wear and tear on your animal's feet (will be applying it to their pads in the future and hopefully it will solve my problem).

Usually for paw problems of this nature I use baths or compresses with Epsom salt or colloidal oatmeal (Aveeno) and also apply 100% Aloe Vera (which my sis used the night last night) but we decided to give the K9 KlearUp a shot the next day.

The first thing I noticed about the product was that it wasn't greasy and had no odor to it. After cleansing the area we applied a thin amount of the K9 KlearUp to the paws and then applied a second application later on in the evening.

The next day we notice that Hestia was no longer licking at the pads and that her pads look less irritated (I was a little surprised). We continued to apply the K9 KlearUp to her pads for the next three days, twice a day and by the fifth day, Hestia's paws were healed.

My sister and I were both very happy and somewhat surprised at how well the K9 KlearUp product had worked. I loved the fact that the product is all natural and safe for Labrador Retrievers, with it's secret ingredient called Tepezcohuite (pronounced 'Tep-Ez-Co-Heety'), a tree found in the former Mayan empire and two other natural ingredients.

It has a 95%+ success rate, but if ever it doesn't work for your dog, they offer a
365-day 100% money back guarantee (just send back what is left in the jar
-even if it's empty).

If you are concerned about your dog's skin then I strongly recommend you
check this out for yourself:

K9 KlearUp

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