Sunday, April 26, 2009

PEDIGREE Puppy Program

Anyone with new Labrador Retriever puppies, waiting for a puppy, or thinking about getting a puppy, PEDIGREE® is offering an opportunity to join their PEDIGREE® Puppy Program.

"Join the PEDIGREE® Puppy Program and you'll get:

* Over $10 in instant savings
* A subscription the PEDIGREE® Puppy Scoops® e-newsletter
* A downloadable Puppy Care Guide
* A special gift for your puppy when he reaches adulthood"

After you register you have the choice to print your coupons on your computer or have them mailed to the address you provided at sign-up.

The Puppy Care Guide has some very good information in it. Yes it recommends Pedigree food but it is an offer from Pedigree! You can download the guide and print it out or save to your computer.

Offer good to U.S. residents only. One PEDIGREE® Puppy Program membership per household.

I would like to thank Olivia for sending me an e-mail about this offer.

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