Monday, February 16, 2009

Pesticides in Pet Products pertaining to Flea and Tick Control

A few days ago, February 10, 2009, I had a post on the All About Labradors blog titled Over-the-Counter Flea Treatments - A word of warning.

The post was read by Teri, owner of the Dog Health 1 website and she linked to the post in an article she wrote about pesticides in pet products pertaining to flea and tick control. Her article is very insightful and of great importance to all of us pet owners.

Quote from article - "Pets are indeed dying because of the inaccurate and dangerous application of pesticides in flea and tick products sold over the counter and 25,000 pets have died already.

Many of these products do not require a prescription from your vet so that consumers are using them without the full knowledge or warnings that a competent vet would or should give you the whole story."

To read the full article visit A Dog’s Health at Risk Pesticides in Pet Flea Products.

A big thanks to Teri and make sure you explore the Dog Health 1 website further as she has done an outstanding job providing dog health and nutrition information.

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