Saturday, November 15, 2008

PetVitamins Flavored Capsules Samples

A free sample of PetVitamins flavored capsules.

"Anyone who has ever tried knows that pilling a pet is NO FUN! Cats and dogs have a very keen sense of smell and taste and will reject anything that does not immediately appeal to their senses.

PetVitamins’ Flavored Capsules are perfect for the difficult task of pilling cats and dogs.

Whether for pharmaceutical, holistic, vitamin, or herbal use, our Flavored Capsules mask unpleasant odors and tastes – making them a readily accepted and flavorful alternative that eliminates the need to force-feed, use pill dispensers, or resort to hiding the remedy in unhealthy foods or treats."

To request your free sample, visit the PetVitamin website, and on the left hand side of their website, you will see a box that states "Register now to win". Inside that box you will find PetVitamin e-mail address to request your free PetVitamins Flavored Capsules samples.

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