Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Patriot Lab Rescue 2008 Christmas Dog Coloring Contest

My sis-in-law Sammie, who runs Fun 4 The Children blog received a wonderful e-mail from Jennie of Patriot Lab Rescue, asking to using one of her Christmas dog coloring pages for their 2008 Christmas Dog Coloring Contest.

The contest is a Christmas Fundraiser to help out Patriot Lab & All Breed Rescue, a 501c3 all volunteer non-profit foster home based rescue.

When Sammie told me about the contest I had to get involved to try and help out with the wonderful job the Patriot Lab Rescue does in trying to rescue our lovable breed.

The contest they are running is a simple fundraiser that involves children. It's a dog coloring page that can be downloaded from the Patriot Lab & All Breed Rescue website. Your children can then color in the photo and send it in where it will be voted on by the public.

There will be multiple winners, with the winners receiving a prize and being featured on their website during the holidays.

There is a $1 donation fee per coloring page, and a $1 donation fee for the public to vote on the pages that are enter.

It's only $1 dollar to enter the contest and then $1 more if you want to vote on the coloring pages, with the money going to help out with the wonderful job the Patriot Lab & All Breed Rescue does.

To enter and learn more about this contest, please visit the Patriot Lab & All Breed Rescue website or the Graceful Dogs blog.

If the readers of All About Labradors could help me spread the word about this contest, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to thank Jennie and all the volunteers at the Patriot Lab & All Breed Rescue for all the love and caring in their work at the rescue!

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