Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Free Sample of Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips

This product I just recently came across and it my be a very helpful deterrent for licking and biting of hot spots, lick granulomas and surgical sites on your Labrador Retriever.

Information from Nurtured Pets website - "Quote From Site: "Clinical studies show the Anti-Lick Strip to be over 90% successful at deterring licking, biting and chewing.

Veterinarian Recommended Bandages

Veterinarians agree that the Anti-Lick Strip pet bandage promotes healing of post-surgical sites, hot spots, lick granulomas or wounds. A good alternative to the E-Collar.

Your pet deserves the best, especially when they are recovering from an injury, cut or surgery. The proprietary Anti-Lick Strip Pet Bandage is more comfortable and healthier choice for your pets recovery. No need for dog E-collars/ Elizabethan cones which can obstruct your pet from being comfortable."

I have yet to try this product and hope I never have the need to, so I can't provide you with any personal experience with the product.

Also, be advised at this time samples of Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips are only be shipped to locations within the USA.

Free Sample of Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips

If you have problems with the above link, visit and click on the "Free Samples" link in top left corner of website.

If anyone does have any information from personal use of this product, please share your experience. Thank you!

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