Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dog DNA Testing

Back in May 2008 I posted the article DNA Samples Can Determine A Dog's Breed for those of you with mixed breed Labrador Retrievers, who may have wanted to know what breed or breeds your Labradors were mixed with.

A blood test done by your veterinarian could help determine the mixed breeds.

Now you can order simple tests from a company called Canine Heritage that can help determine what type of breeds were involved in making up your Labrador Retriever in just 4 weeks.

Here's a video that explains more in regards to these new test:

Dog-DNA.com Mixed Breed Testing - Canine Heritage XL

If you visit the Canine Heritage website make sure you watch the video on their site that explains the way the test works and the other benefits (besides knowing the mixed breeds) the testing provides.

On my original post in May, I wondered if these test would be able to tell if your Labrador Retriever was purebred. It looks like the answer to my question was no, but there is another company that may be able to help.

Quote from Canine Heritage FAQ's: "Can the Canine Heritage Breed Test be used to determine if my dog is purebred?

The Canine Heritage Breed Test is not designed for use as a purebred or paternity verification test and is not an established legal tool. A kennel or breed club certifies a dog’s breed based on pedigree documentation. If necessary, kennel and breed clubs use legally recognized DNA paternity testing to verify relationship. These tests use a different type of DNA analysis than the Canine Heritage Breed Test. For a fee, MMI Genomics, Inc. offers canine DNA paternity testing that will provide legally defensible verification of both sire and dam of a particular offspring." To learn more about paternity testing, visit MMI Genomics Inc."

I hope this helps some of you with questions regarding the lineage of you Labrador Retrievers. If anyone does use either of these test, or has the test done by their veterinarian, please let us know how the tests worked out and the results.

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